Online Shops or E-Commerce

Online shops are also called as E-Commerce, Internet market, Website market, Shop Online.
Some people call them as Daily Deals and Click-n-Mortar.

Try put these terms to your grandparents and these do mean nothing to them. But they also gradually begin to learn these realizing the benefits accrue from the online shops or shop online.

Because the world we live today has changed more as compared to that existed a decade ago.

A lady sitting in her home or from her office or during travel in the flight  and be it anywhere in the world can buy "Hot Things" from a Online shop being run by a Business running in another part of the world. Actually, that merchandise or Hot Thing  would have been manufactured in South Korea , shipped to the Trader in New Zealand who sells through their website on the internet.

So simple and convenient . In fact, the Internet has made our life so simple.

Basically , such activity of selling and buying over the internet  is called "E-Commerce".

Initially , E-Commerce was started in the 1970's when it was used by businesses to send their documents like purchase orders or invoice electronically.

However, only in 1994 , Pizza Hut opened its online shop : after 4 years from WorlddWideWeb(www) was introduced in 1990.

Subsequently ,Online Shops like  Amazon were born in 1995 and Ebay in 1996 in USA.

Subsequently, every Trade and Industry  have opened their Online shops. Even the Professionals like Architects, Doctors, etc... And Service industry like Banks, Advertisers, Real Estates have entered the Online Market.

Everything you can buy from Online shops.....Book your Airline or train tickets.....Book your choice seats for your favorite movie show.....Buy latest gadgets like iPad......etc...